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  • Live Like a Champ Day
    Champ Pederson is the older brother of the Huskies Field Manager, Tyger Pederson. Champ has Down Syndrome, but he doesn’t let that define him. He has become an advocate for people with Down Syndrome and others with disabilities. He strives to be an inspiration to others as a motivational speaker and writer. Sports has always been his passion and he is quite competitive. Champ used to compete in Little League and the Special Olympics as well. Having a family full of athletes has made him very fortunate. This was also a special game because the Huskies will played the La Crosse Loggers. The La Crosse Loggers’ Hitting Coach is Stu Pederson, the father of Champ and Tyger. This was a fun game to watch as the Pederson family has always been competitive. Renewal by Anderson Duluth-Superior sponsored the attending Special Olympic members’ ticket fees.