3 Reasons to Consider a Bay Window Addition to your Home

Our bay and bow windows can be used to replace an existing bay or bow window or they can be installed in most other large window openings.

With our selection of window styles, colors, hardware, and grilles, you can be sure that your windows will compliment your home’s architectural style. One of our unique window styles is the bay window. We custom-build our bay or bow windows by combining three or more Renewal by Andersen® windows to create an angle or bow arch beyond the wall (if you’re confused about “bay” and “bow”, read our post Bay vs Bow Windows: What’s the Difference?). These types of windows can be used to replace an existing bow or bay window, or can be installed in most large window openings. Below are three popular reasons to consider replacing or adding a bay or bow window in your home.

Additional Living Space:

Choose bay or bow windows when you want to add dimension to a room or make the room feel larger. Adding this extra dimension expands your beautiful view while creating a more open environment for you and your guests to enjoy. The space can even become a practical addition to the room. Add a bench and you’ve got yourself a functional breakfast nook to relax in on a sunny summer morning.

Increase Natural Light:

Natural lighting can help immensely if you’re trying to liven up a drab space or simply get a closer look at a magazine. Bay or bow windows let the light spill in to fill each and every corner of the room. More natural light could lead to lower energy bills. Plus, the once dull colors that a yellow light may have created will soon pop thanks to the higher quality of this light.

In addition to improving colors, experts are finding that exposing yourself to more natural light has fantastic effects on your well-being too. Daniel Kripke, M.D. at the University of California said that, "Studies show that people who get more light exposure during the day have fewer sleep problems and less depression, and evidence suggests that light can keep you alert and productive." All in all, the sunshine that bay or bow windows let in can leave you in a brighter mood with a more beautiful, energy efficient home.

Boost Interior and Exterior Appeal:

A major advantage of the unique design of a protruding window is that it allows you to incorporate and express your own style and character on the inside and outside of your home. Renewal by Andersen offers a variety of window styles, colors, hardware, and grille options to make sure your replacement window complements the architectural style of your home. This is something you’ll learn more about in our showroom or in your free in-home consultation with our replacement window and door specialist.

Many people don’t know that bay or bow windows can actually be used as a replacement in most large window openings. If you have an old window that is due for a replacement and are looking for something new, we encourage you to talk with our experts! Our design consultants are happy to meet with you in your home at your convenience to listen to your needs and provide you with options and pricing information.

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